Monday, December 16, 2013

A Random Memory

As I sit here now on TeamSpeak listening to the people in the Dota2 channel, my brother and step dad are outside working on his car speakers. Mark Sixma's "Character" comes on and I remembered on the last day of my June exams, I was super stressed. Revising a few last minute things before walking to the venue and in the distance, I heard a familiar song...

My ears piped up like a cat's would at a sudden sound and I thought... "I am simply dreaming this." How could one of my favourite songs randomly start playing out of nowhere? I thought I was daydreaming. Though the sound got closer and closer (as did the drop)...

A car pulled up next to me with the bass making its windows vibrate and I started to smile at my file. I was not daydreaming, in fact, the source of the sound was now right next to me and at around 07:50 on that chilly June morning, I was actually feeling warm inside. I started to dance (but oh so stealthily, I didn't want someone to think I was having an epileptic fit in the car).

In that moment, when the song dropped, when I felt so relaxed... I remember, I finally felt a sense of peace :)

The song was Orjan Nilsen's "Violetta".

I waited until the song ended and I walked to my exam with a bit of a happy bounce in my stride. The song kept playing over and over in my head throughout the exam and the best was that I had done so many past papers and example questions in my studying that the final exam felt almost like a breeze.

The car that had parked next to me that morning was still next to my car, so I wrote a thank you letter to the person and said that they honestly made my morning by playing one of my favourite songs. I wonder what that person thought of my note :)