Monday, December 16, 2013

A Random Memory

As I sit here now on TeamSpeak listening to the people in the Dota2 channel, my brother and step dad are outside working on his car speakers. Mark Sixma's "Character" comes on and I remembered on the last day of my June exams, I was super stressed. Revising a few last minute things before walking to the venue and in the distance, I heard a familiar song...

My ears piped up like a cat's would at a sudden sound and I thought... "I am simply dreaming this." How could one of my favourite songs randomly start playing out of nowhere? I thought I was daydreaming. Though the sound got closer and closer (as did the drop)...

A car pulled up next to me with the bass making its windows vibrate and I started to smile at my file. I was not daydreaming, in fact, the source of the sound was now right next to me and at around 07:50 on that chilly June morning, I was actually feeling warm inside. I started to dance (but oh so stealthily, I didn't want someone to think I was having an epileptic fit in the car).

In that moment, when the song dropped, when I felt so relaxed... I remember, I finally felt a sense of peace :)

The song was Orjan Nilsen's "Violetta".

I waited until the song ended and I walked to my exam with a bit of a happy bounce in my stride. The song kept playing over and over in my head throughout the exam and the best was that I had done so many past papers and example questions in my studying that the final exam felt almost like a breeze.

The car that had parked next to me that morning was still next to my car, so I wrote a thank you letter to the person and said that they honestly made my morning by playing one of my favourite songs. I wonder what that person thought of my note :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Trolling Mother Dearest - The Spiti Du Awesome Chronicles

A backstory!

In June, a dog in the neighbourhood somehow managed to jump over several walls and end up in our garden. Don't ask me how this happened, it just did. This dog is probably Superdog. Anyway. It was really strange having a dog barking in our garden and run all over.

Though today, we thought to troll Andrew though it turned into something else...

Ang was barking like a dog and I told him to go bark by the window so we could scare Andrew. Though my mom ended up hearing the barking and freaking out thinking that there was a real dog in the house... This is a video of that :)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tongue Piercing: Day 27

SO! Yesterday was the start of June exams... We wrote Microeconomics. I shan't comment :P...

After my exam, I went to Rosebank so I could get a new tongue ring. The man showed me the stock that he had of plastic ones (I really don't want to destroy my teeth!) and I immediately said "blue!" (the man had orange, red, pink, clear, light purple and blue).

Rawr :3

It feels so different to the metal one, but in a good way! It's obviously a shorter bar and it's bendy which is quite cool :D

The piercing has healed so nicely :) it does get a bit sore if have too much food in my mouth, twist my tongue too hard and the worst pain I feel is when I yawn :O but slowly slowly it is healing up so nicely :)

The lady who pierced my tongue has left SA Ink but I told the man I will change the ring by myself (I really absolutely had to change it, the metal bar was long and getting in the way!) so that's what I did. It was quite funny... :P

When I got home from tutoring and after I ate, I disinfected the ring and took the metal one out. IT FELT SO WEIRD NOT TO HAVE THE RING IN. I felt naked, exposed. No es bueno. I struggled for 5 seconds to get the plastic bar in (to which I swore and said that I am screwed if I don't get it in because at 20:00, there's no piercer open to help). Though I got it in (it was a tiny bit sore) and took another 15 minutes to screw the bottom ball in because gob and nerves are a terrible combination :P

BUT I MANAGED and I washed my mouth out with salt water and here I am :D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pretty Side Plait

I asked Dez to help me with my hair today because it was feeling kinda yucky and I didn't want to look like a troll :D

She decided to do a side plait and I really love how it turned out :O I posted a photo on Instagram (click the link to go to the Instagram post):


I also posted a photo of my slippers :D

Friday, April 05, 2013

Block 1 Test Results

This week was the first week of Block 2 and we also got our results back from Block 1 tests :O


Blue: Mathematical Economics
Yellow: Microeconomics
Pink: Financial Economics


I actually started to cry from happiness after I got my Financial Economics paper lol :)

I am so glad that I passed everything, it takes a some of my stress and compresses it :D

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catholic Easter : 31 March 2013

HAPPY EASTER :D well... Happy "Normal" Easter as I like to call it :P Greek Easter is only in May HA :P

HOWEVER! Mike's side of the family is mostly Catholic so we all went to celebrate "Normal" Easter today at a restaurant called IL Giardino D'egli Ulivi in Melville.

The day started out with us going to pick up Gerry's parents and meet Tina and company at their house. Mario came with us in the car... All these photos are from my Instagram :)

Poser :O
We got a tad lost on the way to the restaurant and I'd never heard of this "44 on Stanley" place before. We eventually found it and parked the cars and went on our super walk to find IL Giardino... There were so many cutesy little shops there and it was this really European kind of feeling place in the middle of Melville LOL :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Changes in my Life and Other Thoughts

For those that know me, know that I've been going through some changes, be it because they directly knew so or were a part of it or could just see so. I don't need to justify myself to anyone... A simple Google search of "justifying yourself to others" brings up a whole lot of articles and blog posts about this very topic.

With my Google search, I found this article. It pretty much sums up everything that's in my mind right now and what I've been going through with all these changes. The last sentence stood out the most to me:

"Today if you’re tempted to justify your emotions, remember: You can’t control what other people think. But if you can accept yourself in this moment, you may discover what you need to do to feel better–instead of just trying to look better."

I accept where I am in my life, I accept the decisions I have made FOR MYSELF and I just want those who haven't been supportive, who have shot me down, belittled me and made me feel like shit to take a step back and see that I AM HAPPY and that I AM MAKING DECISIONS ON MY OWN. That yes, it is confusing, that it is difficult to understand... I am only human, I am trying to find what is right for me and while I do so, don't make me feel like I am doing something wrong. That sometimes something I do now I might not actually enjoy so I will choose to do something else. I am on a path of deeper understanding and such a path requires complex decisions to be made.

Yes, I listen to what you are saying but I may not agree... Though I do listen and give your point of view a chance so all I ask is that you do the same for me and be there for me as I would be for you. Be happy for me that I am happy. Be happy for me that I am finally on this path :)