Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"u not God don't judge ppl pls"

Ahh the wonderful world of Twitter... Where bots spam you shitty links and people Tweet their instagram photos.Well. Not all the time. Sometimes.

I'm fortunate enough to have found myself a nice bunch of people to follow (and some follow me back) and I usually get a lot of laughs out of reading my feed every couple of hours (or minutes :P).

I often get bots spamming me and also random people messaging me links to "CHECK OUT THIS COOL THING OH EM GEE!" and I always reply something nice like "no" or "fuck off". I have no time or patience for that crap but why not just lash out at them for wasting my time? I spend time loading their nonsense so I might as well comment.

Today I had a special moment on Twitter. Last week I retweeted a Tweet regarding the artists that have come and are coming to South Africa. All very well and good. U2, Coldplay, Kings of Leon... Lady Gaga at the end of November (which I am going to!) and Chris Brown (ugh). So I guess this person "@affordabletick" decided to search Tweets regarding Chris Brown or something because then this happened:

As I said above, I don't support people who hit women. I don't support anyone who hits anyone! Abusive relationships are a very serious thing. You can Google "domestic violence" or "abusive relationships" and find loads of information and statistics about this. So with me feeling the way that I do, I sure as hell am not going to go to a Chris Brown concert!

Then our dear friend Extinguish sends me some undecipherable Tweet to which I reply, and then I get the best of best replies "u not God don't judge ppl pls".

WHAT THE HELL DUDE? I am not judging Rihanna or Chris Brown and their relationship. If they want to be together, that's cool and their decision. Just because I don't support or like abusive relationships doesn't mean I am walking around thinking I am godlike, judging all in my path.

I don't understand what prompted this guy to say that to me. It both infuriated and humoured me. I was simply stating my opinion and honestly, even if Chris Brown and Rihanna got married and had children and he never ever hit another person again in his life it doesn't make what he did okay! What he did was so bad! UGH.

This guy... So annoying. The smiley face at the end was both serious and sarcastic. I don't even know what he was saying in that last Tweet to be honest. Plus I was in a lecture and got a BBM from my mom, so while I replied to that I also checked Twitter quick because the red light was kinda annoying haha.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things I Desipise: Flies

The fly. What an interesting little creature. Interesting and fucking stupid!

These little shits like to buzz around me and it drives me absolutely mental. I hate it so much. Hate doesn't even describe the amount of distaste and anger that I feel towards them when they merrily and oh so deviously fly around me, as if to torture me.

Firstly, I don't understand why and how they always find themselves in my room. There is NOTHING here but a mess of papers and nail polish. And books. And a Deadmau5 head. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

Secondly, they are really stupid and can't figure out how a window works. BRO. You do not fly into the damn glass. I've courteously opened the window so that you may exit my bedroom. I've also kept the door open. Why do you ignore these gateways to freedom? Why do you and your mates congregate in my bedroom? Why must you guys irritate me endlessly when I am trying to study for International Finance or Mathematics? WHY?

Thirdly, their little buzzing sound. I don't know what is worse. That or a mosquito. If I could delete that sound from being a recognisable sound in my array of recognisable sounds, I would. I hate that sound. IT IS SO ANNOYING.

I am so annoyed that I cannot even finish writing this properly because FUCK YOU FLIES.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Random Thoughts from Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter you already know this: I Tweet a lot.
If you don't follow me on Twitter, let me tell you something: I Tweet a lot.

I Tweet A LOT of random things: rants, vents, happy thoughts, sad thoughts... Everything and anything. Though a lot of the time I also Tweet about things that I'd like to blog about sometime but may not get the chance to so I do my best to sum it up into 140 characters.

Though I've decided that I am going to do my best to ensure that I do blog about these thoughts that I have because, well, this is my corner of the internet and "I'll do what I want" (Cartman voice).

I want to try be a more active blogger as well and not only blog about things I've taken photos of. IDK. I used to blog a lot nicely when I was younger and I guess I just don't have the inspiration to sit down and type about my random thoughts and such.

Whatever it is, I shall try to be a more active blogger. That is all. Goodnight.