My Nail Polish Stash

Here's a list of all the polishes I own :)

(Click here for the latest photo of my nail polish stash: 13 July 2012.)


Shade 24 Lilac Sorbet
Shade 41 Bronze

Ascot London

Shade 011
Shade 033


Shade 631
Shade 658


Shade 71


130 Lucky In Lilac
840 Genius In The Bottle

Charlie by Revlon

001 Festival Feathers
003 Samba Nights
004 Party Girl
007 Think Green
013 Naturally Nude
012 Fiesta Fantasy
016 Iced Pink
305 Pink Fever

Dior Addict

Shade 460


116 Tangerine
169 Jam 'n Jelly


Blossoms Etc.: 04 Bloom-A-Loom

Colour 3: 01 Midnight Date
Colour 3: 02 Shopping Trip In Soho
Colour 3: 04 A Walk In The Park
Colour 3: 05 Boys Are Back In Town

Colour and Go: 21 Fabuless
Colour and Go: 35 Movie Star
Colour and Go: 38 Choose Me!
Colour and Go: 39 Lime Up!
Colour and Go: 43 Where Is The Party?
Colour and Go: 46 Wake Up!
Colour and Go: 51 Mellow Yellow
Colour and Go: 53 You Belong To Me
Colour and Go: 55 Let's Get Lost
Colour and Go: 58 Frozen Queen
Colour and Go: 72 Time For Romance
Colour and Go: 78 Blue Addicted
Colour and Go: 86 A Lovely Secret
Colour and Go: 92 Better Late Than Never

French Glam: 01 White Glam

Nail Art Special Effect! Topper: 08 Night In Vegas
Nail Art Special Effect! Topper: 09 Copper'ize Me!

Nail Art Stampy Polish: 001 Stamp Me! White
Nail Art Stampy Polish: 002 Stamp Me! Black

Nude Glam: 06 Hazelnut Cream Pie

Tip Painter (White)

L.A. Colors

Art Deco: NA912 - Silver
Art Deco: NA918 - Bright Green

L.A. Girl

NL76 Stayin' Alive

M.O.D Nail Lacquer

Shade 22


N253 Green Tea


Shade 007
Shade 038
Shade 070
Shade 080
Shade 213
Shade 232
Shade 243


French White
Magic Green


002 Deeply Chilli
032 Color Flip
571 Posh


3-in-1 Base, Top Coat & Strengthener

5-in-1 Nail Treat Base & Top Coat Total Care Action

60 Seconds: 210 Ethereal
60 Seconds: Portobello Pink
60 Seconds: 310 Red Carpet
60 Seconds: 740 Clear
60 Seconds: 819 Green With Envy

Lycra Pro: 06 Velvet Rose
Lycra Pro: 294 Pink Of Me
Lycra Pro: Matte Finish

Sally Hansen

Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
Super Shine Shiny Top Coat

Sinful Colors

Shade 871

Tip Top Nail Chic

971 Gold Digger

Rikki Brest: White Confetti

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