Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tongue Piercing: Day 27

SO! Yesterday was the start of June exams... We wrote Microeconomics. I shan't comment :P...

After my exam, I went to Rosebank so I could get a new tongue ring. The man showed me the stock that he had of plastic ones (I really don't want to destroy my teeth!) and I immediately said "blue!" (the man had orange, red, pink, clear, light purple and blue).

Rawr :3

It feels so different to the metal one, but in a good way! It's obviously a shorter bar and it's bendy which is quite cool :D

The piercing has healed so nicely :) it does get a bit sore if have too much food in my mouth, twist my tongue too hard and the worst pain I feel is when I yawn :O but slowly slowly it is healing up so nicely :)

The lady who pierced my tongue has left SA Ink but I told the man I will change the ring by myself (I really absolutely had to change it, the metal bar was long and getting in the way!) so that's what I did. It was quite funny... :P

When I got home from tutoring and after I ate, I disinfected the ring and took the metal one out. IT FELT SO WEIRD NOT TO HAVE THE RING IN. I felt naked, exposed. No es bueno. I struggled for 5 seconds to get the plastic bar in (to which I swore and said that I am screwed if I don't get it in because at 20:00, there's no piercer open to help). Though I got it in (it was a tiny bit sore) and took another 15 minutes to screw the bottom ball in because gob and nerves are a terrible combination :P

BUT I MANAGED and I washed my mouth out with salt water and here I am :D


  1. Did you use regular salt or sea salt ?

    1. I used whatever I could find in the cupboard :) it was either sea salt or table salt (from this company:

      I boiled water and put the salt inside, mixed it with a teaspoon and washed my mouth out. I am not sure how much I used... Maybe two teaspoons of salt. I just judge by eye :)