Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tongue Piercing : Day Seven

SO! Last week as you all know I got my tongue pierced :D I wanted to make one big post about it rather than tons of small ones as the week went past... I felt it would be better that way :O

I've always had a fascination with piercings and tattoos but moreso piercings. I got my ear lobes pierced when I was very little (apparently after the first one was done, I told my mom that it hurt and I didn't want to do the other one but she told me that it had to be done and convinced me with ice-cream). When I was 13 I wanted a belly ring and my mom refused for me to get one... Though being the little rebel that I am, I did puppy eyes to my dad and he took me to get one (ha!) :P

After that, I really wanted to get a tongue ring and I remember my mom not being happy with this idea though said that if I got straight As for first term I could get one. I am sure all my friends from Grade 9 remember my little countdown paper to "the day I get my tongue pierced" lol (I actually still have it somewhere!). Needless to say, I did not get straight As BUT I did get my second holes done on that day (I had a choice between second holes or cartilage).

Fast forward five years later and that takes us to 2010... The one night I sat in front of my PC and got this fantastic idea to get my cartilage done and the next day I went ahead and did it :D and went to a party that night and kept hugging people and bumping the ring :(

I had a similar spontaneous burst when I got my tragus done. The night before I decided it was going to happen and the next morning I went ahead and got it done. Here's the video of me getting it done:

As seen, I was so scared of the needle and kept moving away from the piercer that he asked Andri to come hold my hand :P and I squeezed hers so hard that I think I may have turned it blue from blood loss LOL :) sorry :O The pain factor of it was not as bad as I expected but it was sore. Though tolerable. I have a weird pain threshold. Between this and my bellyring, I think the belly might have been a bit more sore.

With my cartilage piercing, the place I went to did the piercing with a gun though and unfortunately shattered the cartilage so bad that the piercing wasn't healing. In general, all my piercings have taken a bit longer than normal to heal but the cartilage was still pussing and yuck after almost 7 months :( so I took it out! The tragus was also misbehaving but I know that's a much thicker area so I gave it a chance and it eventually healed up pretty well :)

ONTO THE TONGUE! I'd been wanting to get another piercing since last year and was thinking to redo my cartilage (I know a couple of people who had theirs done with a gun and went through the same thing as me and then got theirs redone with a needle and it was fine after) but I was scared that it wouldn't heal :(

Fast forward to March: I thought of maybe getting a surface piercing done or a tattoo in memory of one of my friends who passed away (Libby <3). I toyed with the idea for a while and on Greek Easter Sunday I had an idea! TONGUE RING! :D I tooootally forgot about my tongue :O

I did some research and asked a people about tongue piercings and all the information I was given was pointing to 1.) the actual needle going through doesn't hurt BUT 2.) the healing process is a bit hectic because you can't eat for a few days.

I asked my mom if I could get it done... Actually the conversation went like this:

Me: Did it hurt when you got your tongue pierced?
Mom: Why? Who wants one?
Me: ME.
Mom: NO. You can't get one.

... and she went on to say that she had chipped some of her teeth on the ball and took it out after chipping one very bad. She also started saying stuff about heart diseases. The next day I spoke to a friend and he told me that his ex-girlfriend got plastic rings for the tongue and that she actually broke the plastic when she bit on it so it is much safer! I told my mom this and she was still saying no but I said I was going to get it done anyway :)

SO OFF I WENT last Thursday...

Day Zero (Thursday): As you can see, I barely flinched. It didn't hurt all that much, it was a tiny pinch and that was that. I'd say it hurt more to get my second holes done than the tongue haha! I was PETRIFIED of the needle though and I was extremely anxious before the piercing got done. What happened was that I had class 08:00 - 09:45 and after that went to meet a friend because she still had my birthday gift (haha Irene!). I went to Rosebank and arrived at the piercing place (SA Ink). The lady at the desk told me that the lady who does piercings was busy with a tattoo so I'd need to come back at 12:30. I'd sweated so bad through my long sleeves and was now wearing the present Irene got me and sweated on that from being so anxious :(

I was a bit sad but I decided to carry on with my day! I first went to eat and that made me even more anxious because I knew this was going to be the last solid food for a bit :O though I am so glad that I ate.

After the piercing was done, you can see me shaking haha I was on some adrenaline high there :P and the lady told me to get a slushie so the ice can soothe the piercing and told me that I will probably find it weird to suck on the straw. I was finding it weird having this... object! in my mouth :O so trying to suck a straw would be fun. I laughed and said "OKAY CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" and I went off and got a LARGE slush and I drank it like a beast. Took me two hours because brain freeze, driving and it actually being weird to suck the straw but I managed. Dez also had some :O

That night I was so hungry and eating McDonalds chips was a no go. I was told to be careful of eating and if I do eat solids to make sure no food gets left around the ring or by the hole, that I must rinse out with water, not use mouth wash or anything like that, and I can gargle/rinse with salt water but saliva is the best for the piercing. I was also told that the first two/three days I will feel weird, my tongue will swell and I probably wouldn't be able to eat solids so soups and slush would become my best friends.

I ate some meat and rice when we got home from Hi Flyerz because I was so hungry :O

(All the photos are from my Instagram.)

I took this right after I got it done :)
I took this when I got home :P Badass up in hereeeee :D
Day One (Friday): my tongue had swollen a bit and talking was difficult. I took half an hour to eat breakfast and it hurt to move my tongue around :( sucking a straw was hard :( I obtained baby food and more soya vanilla custard...

Day Two (Saturday): My tongue was still swollen and sore, talking was still a difficult task and eating was something of the past :P I was actually losing my mind not being able to eat especially at Tina's house... ALL THAT FOOD.

Day Three (Sunday): My tongue was still white and I read that this might be due to infection and infections SUCK. I did not want antibiotics :( I read that eating yoghurt will help. I was told to avoid dairy for a few days and that's all good since I can't eat dairy anyway (except for yoghurt, cheese and sometimes cream cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream) but I was desperate so I went to obtain yoghurt and ate it like a beast! I washed my mouth out immediately haha!! ALSO we went to Tina in the afternoon and there I managed to eat six mashed potatoes and some McDonalds chips which was HUGE for me yay!

I took this at Tina's house.
Day Four (Monday): Food was becoming foreign to me... I ate my baby food and soya custard in tranquility. Though at dinner time I CRACKED and I forced myself to eat pap, wors and sauce SLOWLY because I needed food and I could feel myself going insane. Eating was so good. I even got more pap and sauce.

Day Five (Tuesday): I managed to eat pap and sauce for lunch :D and for dinner our resident Gordon Ramsays made Jack Daniel's chicken with chips and mieles so I ate that and it was a bit difficult because of the stickiness but I managed alright :D I also nicked the piercing and that fucken hurt :O

Upgrading my skills slowly slowly... Can touch the ring on my lip now :)
Day Six (Wednesday): I ate left over chicken with the pap from Monday for lunch and it was so good :O it hurts to eat when the food scrapes on the sensitive areas but the whiteness has now all gone away which is awesome :) dinner was pork chops and mash with salad which was relatively easy to eat.

NEW SKILLS: Can twist tongue to either side!

MEGA PROGRESS: It's healing up so nicely :D see what I can do :D
Day Seven (today!): We had mince with pasta for dinner which was also relatively easy to eat. It still hurts to eat, yawn and sometimes talk but I think my lisp is going away and I think I've done so good so far so GO ME :D

I am so happy that I got this done eeee :D I am so excited for it to be fully healed :)