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Skrillex - The Mothership Tour South Africa, H2O 2 March 2013

Skrillex. Mothership Tour. South Africa.

If I had to sum it up into one word I would have to say: incredible.

Let's go back to the beginning... The day started out a bit slow for me... With being a bit ill and such, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to complete my masterpiece on time :(

There was also an air of confusion regarding the lift scheme that was going to happen... Originally as I said before, I was going to get fetched by Eva and be dropped off at Bongani's house and from there, either Eva would fetch me and take me to H2O or Bongani would drop me off.

However, I found out that my mom was going to leave before we'd be fetched. Bongani had kindly offered to fetch and take me straight to H2O and I decided based on the fact that I'd have to lock up the house and since I wouldn't be ready at 13:30 to accept that offer.

I eventually completed my masterpiece so now I can show you the amazingness that is... My proposal to Mr Moore!! (PHOTOS TO COME BELOW! FIRST I SHOW YOU OTHER STUFF :P)

Gradient neon nail art and the ticket :D

I took this a little bit before Bongani arrived lol! Deadmau5 head in the background :D

After that was done, I got ready and Bongani arrived. I closed up... Took some photos before we left though!

... then off we went to H2O... The traffic LOL that was something but since Bongani knows the area he dodged it and took me to a "park and ride" area which was SO COOL. It was also so empty. He dropped me off once I found out where Tasso and company were (they were already in H2O). The mini bus that took us from the parking to the entrance was jamming music and there were four other people with me in there. We briefly spoke :) was cool to chat to absolute strangers haha!!

Once I got out the bus, I stood in the queue. Now I was holding my poster (folded in half) and I had my little backpack and my sling bag and some lady gave me the dirtiest look ever. All I did was smile at her! Wtf?!

Anyway... So once my ticket was scanned and such, I walked in. I felt lost! They seem to have changed things up a bit so I walked and picked the wrong direction and that sucked... I eventually found everyone (walking in the crowd alone was a bit scary) and we chilled a bit.

Tasso brought a Greek flag with :D


Pretty wifeys <3

We decided to go into the crowd and got a really nice space close to the front! We had decided not to leave here for the duration of the day (it was about 17:30 now) and that if people needed things, we'd exit two at a time.

We danced and went crazy! We started speaking to random people and tons wanted to know what my poster said (the amount of "Who's Sonny Moore?" that I got oh myyyyyyy) and people kept asking us about the flag. Tasso told everyone we flew from Greece just to see Skrillex lol :P

DJ Fresh!

Random blow up cat thing :P



Random dancer girls!

Love this!



DJ Fresh's set was awesome! We spoke to two people in particular: an Afrikaans guy named Gerhard and an Australian named Graham. They were supporting us in our flag wavingness and Gerhard put me on his shoulders to wave the flag. Was so cool! He decided to exit the crowd to go get food and sit down a bit and we promised each other we'd meet there for Skrillex so I could go on his shoulders to hold my poster up.

Gerhard and his friend.

PROUDLY GREEK! Well, South African Greek but ya...

Gerhard took this one, I think it is awesome.

Graham being a TROLL.

They were laughing at the troll :P



Graham... TROLL.


At some point during Roger Goode's set, Eva wasn't feeling too great and the rest of us were getting real tired so we decided to exit the crowd and go get food and water then return halfway through 12th Planet so we are nice and fresh for Skrillex (Skrillex was only going to play at 22:30).

We chilled and spoke to so many people! I met so many of Tasso's friends from ASE which was cool. I also got to meet Miguel which Tasso had told me about so it was nice to put a face to a name. We sat down a bit and it had started to drizzle so I was worried that the rest of the evening would end up ruined :( I put my sleeves on and just hoped it would be okay!! Sim used the Greek flag to cover her hair :P thankfully the rain stopped though!!!!

I really needed water at this point so Miguel and I decided to brave the bar and get. I wanted three so I could keep them in my bag for when we entered the crowd. I had one in my bag already though but I knew if I didn't go get water at that point, we wouldn't get another chance. We got to the bar and spoke to some girls and we were all saying to Miguel that the bartender would serve him first since he is a guy lol and the lady did Hahahahahaha!!

We were itching to go dance though and started dancing randomly in the crowd of people waiting to get served. I packed my loot in my bag and Miguel and I ran into the crowd (literally). Tasso and company had said that they were "by the second tree then all the way in" so we went to look for them but we could not find them. At this point, Alvin Risk was playing and his set was crazy good!!!!

We danced and I started to feel rather faint and ill :( and people kept pushing us :/ AND I also needed the bathroom really bad so I asked Miguel if we could exit the crowd. I felt awful to ask :( but I really wasn't feeling too good. He took me to the bathroom (well the porta potties) and after that we magically found Sim and everyone. Eva wasn't feeling great either so we sat down a bit and danced in place.

We decided to go get food and I was going to get two packets of Simba chips but they were all sold out so I just got a boerewors roll and gave the roll to Tasso and Miguel and just ate the boerewors. We sat down for a couple of minutes after eating then we went to brave the crowd as 12th Planet were now on.

People were NOT happy with us hahahaha but whatever maaaan we are all there to jam and have fun so just chill. We got shouted at and pushed :/ but then I saw Craig!!!!! And he was so exited to see the "Greek crowd" so he told us to come stand with him and we pushed people gently :P and we had spaaaaace yay thank you Craig!!!! We also got a nice spot which was awesome.

Lol Tasso's face...


12th Planet's set was siiiiick. It was sick and heavy jamming music but oh my WORD so good. So very, very good. I was in disbelief that music like that could even be presented in front of us hahahaha I just stood for a moment to take it all in... Tasso, Eva, Sim and Des kinda sorta got in front of us and kept moving forward. Miguel and I tried to move forward but ended up irritating people and we lost our space :( it was quite difficult to dance in that crowd with my poster lol and now that we ended up squashed it wasn't cool but as time went past, we managed to make space for ourselves.

Miguel took this, he told me to pose :)

We made friends with this one Asian guy and two other guys around us and everyone was happy (yay!). When 12th Planet was done, they had a playlist of Bob Marley going while the stage crew set up for Skrillex. Miguel and I sang along which was fun!

THEN there was THE COUNTDOWN. Miguel said I could go on his shoulders (sorry Gerhard!! We kinda lost each other oops) and because we had no point of reference when the best time would be to start we waited and waited and then thankfully the countdown began.

A looooot of people got up on shoulders and some girl pulled my backpack and said between me and the guys next to me one of us must go down because they couldn't see... Err people don't stay on shoulders forever chill maaan.

Then. The moment came. When Skrillex came on stage. And I screamed. So loud. And held my poster up so high. And we JAMMED.

His set was MENTAL. It was freaking amazing and the visuals were so good. I know people say like "omg u supposed to enjoy the music" but OMF the visuals... He had visuals from one of my favourite movies ever (Spirited Away)!!!!!!

We danced, we sang, we made our own dubstep reeeeeemixes hahahaha it was tons of fun and I held my poster up every now and again but I could feel things being thrown at me and Miguel said he got a bottle thrown at his head. Wtf people.

Actually at some point a girl in front of us went up on someone's shoulders and I got her butt IN MY FACE and just stepped slightly aside and continued jamming. I didn't throw things at her lol and when she got down I returned to my previous position.

I really like this photo!!!!

This visual was so random.



NYAN NYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About three quarters or more into the set, Miguel really needed the bathroom (my water in backpack idea was a success!) and people were pushing too much for us to enjoy things so we exited the crowd. Miguel went to the porta potties and I saw Eva and company!!!! They exited the crowd because of not feeling so great and Eva was going to go home.

When Miguel was done, we walked altogether and I said "omw I should get Skrillex to sign my poster, I wonder if I could convince the security guards to let me ask him to sign it" (jokingly) and I asked what the chances of the security letting that happen would be. Des said it would never happen :(

Eva and company really wanted water but every place was sold out. They left (the boys escorting their ladies to the entrance) and Miguel and I sat on the grass to wait for them because I didn't want to walk to the entrance and back since I was now determined to get my poster signed.

We danced amongst the other grass sitters and were going crazy!! The BASS. The amount of WUB WUB and the way the floor shook during First of the Year and Bangarag... That was something else. We then went right behind the stage where the artists usually come out from and waited...

Skrillex's set finished at 00:00ish which surprised me! I thought he would play until 00:30 but it was all good. A crowd of people came out of nowhere and the security formed a link and kept pushing us back. It was kinda annoying since no one was being rowdy lol.

A girl saw my poster and asked what it said and I showed her. She said I must hold it up and I said I would when Skrillex came out and she told me to NOW so I did lol!! It got a lot of people's attention and people were taking photos and stuff. There were people next to me with a British accent and they were so cool!! Then another girl joined us and aided me in holding the poster. We must have stood for about 20 minutes, I don't even know, but it was worth every second.

I had felt my phone vibrating and eventually I managed to answer it. Tasso was looking for us and he managed to join us (apparently the security gave him trouble). Sonny came out from the tent and the crowd of us went crazy! Miguel had my camera and was standing as look out. Tasso and Alexi were calling me to come towards the right (Sonny went first to the right side so his left...) and for a moment I thought he wasn't going to come towards us.



Miguel said I must stay where I was because Sonny would come that side so I persevered and stood. Tasso got a photo with Sonny and his jacket autographed!! So cool!!

The girl I was standing with (her name is Kim, unfortunately I didn't exchange details with her) was really cool and we decided that we'd have to share Skrillex as a husband haha!!

Then... Sonny came towards ussss eeek we held the poster high up and he stood, read it, laughed and said "okay yes I will" eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN!! He asked for me and Kim to come take a photo with him with his official photographer!!!!! He took the poster and held it and we stood next to him :D I asked if the photographer could take a photo with my camera and be said no :(

I asked Sonny if we could take a photo and he said sure. The photo was SKEW so I asked if we could please take one more and he said of course so we did and oh my woooord.

The skew photo...


I wanted him to sign my poster and he was just about to but people pulled him away... I was not impressed so I called "Sonny wait pleeeease may you sign my top!!" And he said okay and signed it and then it felt as if everything just disappeared haha my world was a grid, a black base with a green grid and I just stood there in elation.

Autographed clothing and smiles :D

I was speechless. Miguel and company walked up to me and I just stood with the biggest smile on my face EVER. I eventually had to sit down from shaking so much. I took my top off (had a bikini on!) and packed it into my bag. Miguel gave me his tshirt to wear since I was cold :(

After I calmed down we proceeded to the exit and bought merchandise t-shirts. One of the random clubs there had some heeeeavy music and I recognized the one song... Machine Gun (shout out to Errol!!!!) and I ran to go dance! We stood there a bit then walked to the McDonalds to get some food but it was so packed and people were even using the drive through as a walk through since the restaurant was closed. We decided not to get food. Miguel's parents were already there so he went and Tasso, Des and I waited...

My mom and step dad went to the wrong McDonalds (oops). They came to us eventually and we took Des home then went to the McDees by us.

I was on a hyper wave for long and could not sleep but I eventually fell asleep. Such an amazing evening and it turned out to be the best H2O I've ever been to.

Thank you to everyone who made it special for me :)

Ohhhh and PS none of my nails chipped through all of that haha! Go me!

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