Sunday, March 10, 2013

Changes in my Life and Other Thoughts

For those that know me, know that I've been going through some changes, be it because they directly knew so or were a part of it or could just see so. I don't need to justify myself to anyone... A simple Google search of "justifying yourself to others" brings up a whole lot of articles and blog posts about this very topic.

With my Google search, I found this article. It pretty much sums up everything that's in my mind right now and what I've been going through with all these changes. The last sentence stood out the most to me:

"Today if you’re tempted to justify your emotions, remember: You can’t control what other people think. But if you can accept yourself in this moment, you may discover what you need to do to feel better–instead of just trying to look better."

I accept where I am in my life, I accept the decisions I have made FOR MYSELF and I just want those who haven't been supportive, who have shot me down, belittled me and made me feel like shit to take a step back and see that I AM HAPPY and that I AM MAKING DECISIONS ON MY OWN. That yes, it is confusing, that it is difficult to understand... I am only human, I am trying to find what is right for me and while I do so, don't make me feel like I am doing something wrong. That sometimes something I do now I might not actually enjoy so I will choose to do something else. I am on a path of deeper understanding and such a path requires complex decisions to be made.

Yes, I listen to what you are saying but I may not agree... Though I do listen and give your point of view a chance so all I ask is that you do the same for me and be there for me as I would be for you. Be happy for me that I am happy. Be happy for me that I am finally on this path :)

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