Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catholic Easter : 31 March 2013

HAPPY EASTER :D well... Happy "Normal" Easter as I like to call it :P Greek Easter is only in May HA :P

HOWEVER! Mike's side of the family is mostly Catholic so we all went to celebrate "Normal" Easter today at a restaurant called IL Giardino D'egli Ulivi in Melville.

The day started out with us going to pick up Gerry's parents and meet Tina and company at their house. Mario came with us in the car... All these photos are from my Instagram :)

Poser :O
We got a tad lost on the way to the restaurant and I'd never heard of this "44 on Stanley" place before. We eventually found it and parked the cars and went on our super walk to find IL Giardino... There were so many cutesy little shops there and it was this really European kind of feeling place in the middle of Melville LOL :)

We eventually found the restaurant and got our table. We were the first to arrive and there was A LOT OF STRESS about seating arrangements hahahaha I have no idea why to be honest :P GUYS CHILL.

We sat down and looked at the menu and waited for everyone else to arrive...

Koola trying on Tina's ring. I KEEL U.

The decor...


Weirdos :P

This photo got tons of likes on Facebook :O

Eventually more people arrived, which was nice because we were hungryyyyy :O

This weirdo was on the table and I am sure it was about to eat my soooooul.

We got starters (salads and focaccia pizza)... AND GOBBLED THEM UP like the parents from Spirited Away when they turn into pigs. For real. I felt sorry for the waitress in a way because there were SO MANY PEOPLE on the table. I actually don't even know how many there were and there were people I had never met before.

We ordered our mains and it felt like we waited three years for them but they arrived and we ate and it was nice but IDK in a way I think we all expected more.

We chilled out a bit while people who wanted coffee/dessert ordered and had...

Made with the #Aokify app for iPhone.
It was then time to go and of course in true Greek fashion, we took forever and a day to do that so I took the opportunity and snapped some photos with everyone :D

MY NAILS taken with Mario's iPhone.

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