Monday, September 17, 2012

Bows and Dots

It feels so nice to have a week with no tests for a change, considering that I've had such hectic weeks for the last however long it has been. It just sucks that my free weeks do not coincide with my special someone's free weeks :( BUT we shall get past this, there's exactly two months left of this academic year :O

With that said, I was browsing Reddit yesterday and I came across this mani. I immediately decided to use it as inspiration for the mani that I made :) I've been wanting to wear one of my summer dresses that I got back at the start of the year (it's teal!), so it will be nice to match (if the weather permits).

I'm very happy with how my mani turned out :D I'm especially impressed with my bows, I worked slowly and made sure not to rush so I didn't make any mistakes.

Happy happy :)

The polishes I used for this mani are:
Charlie by Revlon - 003 Samba Nights
Essence - Colour and Go: 79 Viva La Green
Passion - French White