Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Snow Day!


I am sure everyone is well aware of this by now, lol, but I absolutely had to add my input to this hype :D SNOW. IN JOHANNESBURG. SERIOUSLY. The last time it snowed here was in 2007! (It snowed in the evening and we had some snow to run around in and by around 10am, it had all melted :( boo!)

It all started out when I woke up at 08:11 and saw that I had a WhatsApp message from my Godfather in Cape Town asking me if it was snowing here. I was really confused at first and then saw people's BBM status updates talking about the possibility of snow. Upon leaving bed and investigating the matter for myself, it became apparent (at least, at that time) that this snow was a myth...

I mean, come on, sunshine... :P (except those clouds in the background look MEAN!)

I BBMed a few people at University to ask them if it were snowing there and I got a few laughing faces and some confused ones but within half an hour that changed totally! It started to snow at University and I really wanted to go there to photograph campus (my Godfather suggested that I also go there to photograph some of the landmark buildings). I got quite excited haha it was cool to know it was snowing closeish by.

15 minutes or so after my phone exploded from people letting me know it was snowing on campus as well as people updating their statuses and photos, it started to snow at home :D it snowed for a total of 5 minutes :D

Tiny piece of snow (sleet?) on my step dad's jersey.

It honestly felt that that was that and I felt a bit sad but just under half an hour later there was some more snow :)

It didn't last too long though :(


I was updating my mom's GPS because I needed to use it to drive to this place near my dad's house to sort out something for my car so I was busy focusing on that and I got up to check something else inside and BOOM the snow started randomly again!

It was falling quite heavy!

I was still in my PJs as well and I had been trying to go shower now for about half an hour... BUT I still ran outside to embrace the snow and feel it fall on my face and to photograph the garden and my brother's car.

It fell for quite a while and then stopped abruptly, of course. Just just just as I was about to get into the bathroom to shower, my brother and step cousin got home and the snow was falling like CRAZY! Once again, I ran outside, PJs and camera, to photograph this spectacular event we were witnessing.

My brother (back) and step cousin catching the falling snow in their mouths.

Our helper lady :)



I absolutely had to go shower at this point so I said bye to the snow because I knew that it would probably follow trend and stop abruptly and the sun would shine and so on... HOWEVER! I was wrong... After I got dressed, the helper lady excitedly ran to call me to "COME AND SEE!!!!!!!!!" I grabbed my camera and OH MY WORD.




I called my brother and step cousin to come and see as well and they were shocked too! I asked my brother to take a photograph of me with the snow in the background and he took a few while I was talking to the helper lady and step cousin...

We then went to play in the snow :D

Snowball fight time!

Making a snow penis.

Brrr! The snow was so soft though :)

The completed snow penis.

Playing some more.

After a bit the sun came out and the snow started to thaw out...

The penis is still there!

It was so awesome :D Apparently it was insane on campus, people were running in the snow like mad and making snowballs and generally going crazy haha.

I took these ones of the plants in the front garden before I left:

Blue Crane Flowers

I went to go sort out my car and on the way back got caught in a snow storm/snow fall and it was insane at some point! It felt as if I was driving through a tunnel made of snow and all the cars slowed down which made it a lot better. The way the snow fell and was blown all over the road was quite cool :)

I visited a friend for a while and on the way home the temperature dropped a lot! My car had been beeping all day about the cold temperature (when it goes 4 degrees C or under the computer beeps) and by the time I got home, it was 0.5 degrees C!

Took this as I got home, put the key back into the ignition hence the battery symbol and "EPC".

It was such an amazing day :)
I am kinda hoping it snows tomorrow :P I want to take more photographs!