Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Dots - Glossy

As soon as I made my previous post, I took off the mess and decided to redo my nails. I was browsing random blogs and Reddit when I came across this. I really liked the randomly placed dots and the colour scheme so I recreated that mani using similar coloured polishes :)

I used a normal dotting tool to do the smaller sized dots, and the back of a pin to do the bigger sized dots. I found the pin was alright to work with but I'd still really like to get a set of dotting tools in different sizes. The paint/colour on the pin also came off when I wiped the remaining polish off between each dot and I found that a bit annoying too!

I really really really like how this came out, so I am happy :)

The polishes I used are:
Accessorize - Shade 24 Lilac Sorbet
Catrice - 130 Lucky In Lilac
Charlie by Revlon - 012 Fiesta Fantasy
L.A. Colors - Art Deco: NA912 - Silver
Passion - French White

Also, here's my mess after attempting the splatter mani on Sunday (and my testing colours for the crackle polish mani):

My brother is not happy that I got paint on my keyboard, haha! He got me the keyboard :)

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