Sunday, July 08, 2012

Green Shiny Mani

Friday was our last day of the holiday job, boo :( I really enjoyed working there and being around loads of different people and needing to interact with people from different departments.

I learned quite a lot so that's good too :) and I hope to take what I've learned and build on it!

On Thursday night I redid my nails because my zig-zagness started to chip, sad sad :( I was really excited though, because I finally got to use my sparkly Essence polish that I got during exams :D

What's cool is that at work, the one boss mentioned how I always have "pretty nails!" and he said that this mani was a nice colour and I felt happy :)

The polishes I used are:
Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper: 08 Night In Vegas
Revlon: 571 Posh

Now time to relax and start revising work for next semester!

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