Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Essence: Stampy Set First Try

Today I went to the shops and I found something REALLY AWESOME for my nails for my party on Friday :D but I cannot reveal what that is just yet of course, going to need to wait until the weekend :P

I also saw that the pharmacy got an Essence stand WHICH WAS FULLY STOCKED and I was so excited haha! I probably spent 45 minutes looking at everything they had there.

I've been wanting to get a stamping set for so long and unfortunately I don't know where to get Konad in South Africa (if anyone knows, let me know!) so I opted to try the Essence Stampy Set. I purchased the original box, an extra plate and two stampy polishes.

Extra plate I got.

The star came out nice, the other pattern not so much.
I messed around a bit more with the set and overall I am not happy that the prints don't come out properly :( perhaps my technique is incorrect and I shall keep trying to get it right.


  1. Hi Christina, I came across your blog when I searched for the Essence stampy sets. I'm based in Johannesburg and I would like to get the plates. From which pharmacy did you purchase them?

    1. Hello Hlobi!

      That's so awesome that you found my blog :D

      I got them from the Dischem in Park Meadows :) There's also a big Essence stand in Eastgate (not sure where exactly but it is one of those mobile ones) and I know that Clicks in Eastgate stocks Essence though I don't know if they have the plates.

      I would first try Dischem in Park Meadows and then the mobile stand in Eastgate :)

      Hope this helps!