Friday, March 30, 2012

New Stuff!

Earlier on, my mom, brother and I popped to the shops to get a few things... Namely: quick dry spray for nails, nail polish thinners, shoes for tomorrow (Avicii rave) and to look for a dress/outfit for my 21st.

This is what I ended up getting:

The jersey-top was from Truworths, the shoes and beanie from Mr Price, and the nail stuff from Clicks. They didn't have the quick dry spray I usually use (Yardley Speed Finish) but we found a quick dry top coat, so let's see how that goes! I'll be using it as soon as I've finished my nails for tomorrow :) I also wanted to get some French manicure guides because I only have a few left and I want to do a French manicure soon (or a funky French manicure).

When we went to Deadmau5, we got shoes that potentially could get destroyed from the mud/mess that would eventually happen amongst thousands of people. I used those shoes during the summer and the soles came loose and I haven't had a chance to fix them because I don't have the right glue for that. So we went to get a pair of shoes again for tomorrow. My brother also needed a pair of shoes for tomorrow since the ones he used at Deadmau5 fell apart.

I saw the beany when we were trying to find shoes for my brother and I fell in love! It has pom-pom ears! AND IT IS A CAT! :D

We went to several shops to try find a dress for my birthday party but couldn't find anything that was flattering or that fitted :( but we did find that jersey-top that I can use with the dress I wore to our family friend's baby's Christening... Though let's see how the weather turns out, there's still three weeks to go :)

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