Sunday, February 26, 2012

Water Marble FAIL.

Family friends of ours are Christening their son later today which means... NEW MANI TIME :D

My mom and I want our nails to look pretty for the occasion, and so we set out to think of what designs to do! I wanted to do a water marble with red, white and black to match the black and white dress I was going to wear and my mom was undecided as she was thinking to get a new dress for the Christening.

My mom came home with two dresses and after a lot of discussion and time spent trying everything on, the "sexier" dress was given to me (lol) and my mom was going to wear the more "formal" dress. I was not expecting this AT ALL!

We chose our manis and I set out to sort my mom's first since she wanted a version of the Two Colours and a Stripe mani and that needed tape so I wouldn't be able to work with tape with wet nails, lol.

After we finished off her nails, I went off to do mine... After about an hour and a half or so and a lot of broken nerves, lost patience and wasted polish, I decided that water marbling is not going to work for me and here I am thinking of another mani to do to match the dress I got (tangerine colour). The marbling, first of all, did not want to work. The polish dried instantly in some cases, in other cases, it did not want to spread, other times it spread too much, other times it was totally goopy on my nails... I tried adjusting the water temperature, I tried other brands of polishes... I even tried holding my breath so the air coming out of my nose as I breathe would not dry the polish but nothing worked, lol.

I am very upset that I couldn't get it to work :( I need to hand out these pin cross things after the Christening to the people and I want pretty nails for everyone to see, lol.

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