Monday, February 06, 2012


Registration was a fairly painless process... Surprisingly!

I got to University at an acceptable time and walked to where registration was happening. There were quite a few people but not a huge mass as in 2010 and last year, lol!

The process is as follows:
  1. Wait in a line to get a fees clearance paper.
  2. Wait in a line to go into the hall for registration.
  3. Get your file from the front.
  4. Fill out your registration form if you have not already done so.
  5. Get your subjects signed off from each person representing your subject.
  6. Wait in the final queue to get your entire form stamped from the head of faculty.
  7. Get your student card updated.
If you require a parking permit, you fill that form out before getting your student card updated.

This is how the process went for me:
  1. Walk into the fees clearance room, sit on a chair and barely have enough time to get what I need out of my portfolio to give to the lady to check. Get my fee clearance paper in 5 minutes.
  2. Walk to the back of a huuuuuuge queue of people sitting on chairs waiting for registration to open. Feel sad that I was going to wait there for about an hour or so.
  3. See someone I know, greet friend, sit in line still feeling sad.
  5. Wave bye to all the Accounting (and whatever else) students.
  6. Get file from the front, get told to go speak to some man.
  7. Man tells me he is only dealing with Actuarial Science students.
  8. Go sit and frantically figure out what to do regarding subject clashes and friend from earlier said that I need a special form.
  9. Wait in a queue for special form and help.
  10. Find out that I need to apply for part-time classes for Economics. Also found out that I need to go to both the Maths and Computer Science departments to get my subjects signed off.
  11. Get subjects signed off.
  12. Wait in queue for final stamp.
  13. Go downstairs to the student card place, for some reason they weren't in the hall like they usually were in previous years.
  14. Wait in a HUGE ASS LINE to sort out my student card.
  15. Get student card updated, man couldn't pronounce my surname LOL.
  16. Go to parking office, fill out form for student parking.
  17. Go to part-time class building, hand in form and get told to come back tomorrow.
  18. Go home.
It sounds painful and some parts were LOL but otherwise it was relatively painless and the queues moved kind of fast haha!

Now time to finish up cleaning my room...

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