Monday, February 06, 2012

Playing With Fire

Today when I was going to go to University for registration, my car door struggled to open, I had no idea what was going on and I simply ignored it so that I could hurry up and get to University on time so I wouldn't need to wait in long queues.

Upon returning to my car after registration, I saw that the finishing on the door had come loose and was jamming my door from fully opening. When my step dad got home, I showed him this and we set out to fix it. As well as that, for a few months now the Opel badge from the boot of my car has been living in my cubby hole and my step dad has been meaning to fix that for a while too, so he decided that he would sort that out too.

My step dad had no double sided tape for the finishing, so after taking the finishing off the door (since the person who put it on whenever did a shit job and was so stingy with the double stick tape!) and cleaning it, we moved onto sticking my 3rd Year Parking sticker onto my window :D and went to sort out the badge.

I went to look for the glue my step dad asked me to find and I found the tin. When he opened it, he saw it was dry. I asked if we could light it on fire and he said "NO!"... But after some time, he decided to set the thing on fire...

My mom came home while we were doing this and was confused lol :) she didn't understand why we were burning the glue hahaha :)

When we were going back inside, I took a photo of the moon!

So all in all, today has been a good day :)

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