Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inconsiderate Neighbours

I am not a prude. I am not snooty. I am not a snob. I am most definitely not a kill-joy or boring. I am actually quite an understanding person, I enjoy having fun and making "fasaria" (in Greek, it means making a fuss, being noisy, adults say that kids are making "fasaria" when the kids are being annoying and loud).

The neighbours to my right are quite the loud bunch. Their kitchen is on the same side as my bedroom window, i.e. if we had no wall separating the houses, walking out of their kitchen would walk right to my bedroom window. So I hear everything. So when they are loud, there's a threshold. At first, I will be patient, maybe the child is being naughty and will eventually get reprimanded. Or the child isn't listening when the mother calls. Or the kids are having some fun being... Kids. All fine and dandy in my books. I love children, I intend on having children of my own someday so I know that I'll also go through these things and it's all very nice and well.

Then the noise continues...

For minutes, then for half an hour, then onto hours. Of course not continuously, otherwise I'd have to deduce that they were being hacked to death for real (because when they make noise, it sometimes sounds like they are being chopped up alive with an axe or cut piece by piece with a knife while attached to the wall). There's a point where my patience wears thin and I become irritated, then very irritated, and then so very aggravated that I either end up screaming in frustration or swearing on Twitter.

There's the jewel of times when I get so mad that I will either scream out my window for them to shut up or just scream in sheer frustration of what's happening around me. Then comes the cream of the crop, the absolute end of my scale... When I need to vent my frustration with music.

My brother has an electric guitar and used to be part of a metal band. So of course, he has an amplifier. A very powerful and loud amplifier. He's played guitar outside before to test the loudness of the amplifier in an open setting, and we've plugged in the iPod into the amplifier to play music loud for fun.

So it comes as no surprise that my choice of weapon would be the iPod and the amplifier. Plugged in and facing their house. Playing dubstep, metal, psytrance... Anything that will get them to shut up.

The first time we did this was last year sometime, in July if I am not mistaken. We played music for very long, my brother, step cousin and I... I noticed after a bit that we had an audience. We not only managed to shut the neighbours up but we also managed to get them to be curious about what this "noise" was. To add to our list of achievements, someone actually rang the doorbell asking to join the party. The neighbours spied on us, and it was quite a laugh really. They were not very subtle about it, and when they were spotted, their continued efforts to spy on us were really botched. It was great. They also seem to have no fear of heights as they stuck their entire upper bodies down to their stomachs out the window to see what we were doing.

We convinced our step aunt to drop off her son to join us in dancing and making a noise. We continued our party... My mom got home and joined in the dancing and my step dad found it quite irritating but joined in for a song and then we had to pack up and eat dinner. It was awesome. Didn't hear a peep from the neighbours for a long time.

The second time we did this was on a public holiday but we couldn't for long because my mom was quite annoyed with the loudness of the music. The neighbours had been screaming all morning long. Thankfully for all parties involved, we went out that day and when we returned home, we unfortunately returned to NOISE. So we got the amp out and irritated them for a while and they stopped.

Another time they actually tried to battle us with their weird music. I appreciate music. I like music of other languages. But that was just beyond weird. So naturally, I called for the amp to go outside and they actually put their music louder, so we turned ours up... And they turned theirs up so we turned ours up... And so on. It was an epic battle which they lost.

Though this post was born because of the events of what happened today, a little while ago. I am sick, I have the flu, and I was trying to lay in bed and rest so I can feel better and not spend the end of my holiday wrapped up in blankets, spewing out snots and phlegm. Nice picture I've painted there for you. So while watching some TV, I hear SHRIEKS. SCREAMS AND SHRIEKS. At first, I thought that it would be a quick bout of noise. But it was persistent and I legitimately thought that they were being robbed or something until one of the kids started to laugh and then more screaming started. Robberies aren't funny and I doubt robbers would make kids laugh so I called my brother and we started our amp-iPod attack.

Things went well until we got a ring at the door. One of the neighbours from down the road came to tell us that "my mum is ill in bed and this noise isn't helping". My brother answered because I was too scared to answer the door LOL. He apologised to the man and we packed up the amp... But oh my word, that dude and his family don't have to deal with the shit that I do! If I go tell the neighbours to "keep quiet because I am ill" or "trying to study" or "just want one day of peace and quiet", I'll get called a racist. So I battle it out with music. Being ill sucks, I know because I have flu now. So the lady deserves to rest but... SO DO I.

Neighbours, this battle isn't over.

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