Sunday, January 01, 2012

Day Seven: Ballito (Dec 2011 - Jan 2012)

[Note: I've updated this post to reflect my new watermark on my photos.]


The fireworks display was INSANE!

There were so many fireworks, the whole sky lit up! It was awesome!

Everyone wished everyone, the neighbours that shared a wall with us (to the left) wished us... Everyone was happy, there was music, the people on Greek TV were celebrating... It was cool!

We somehow managed to get a photo in among all the chaos. LOL.

Me, my step dad, my mom and brother.

Kali and Nick

Batch by batch everyone started to leave. At around 02:00, we found ourselves watching music videos on TV and in our very tired states, either dissing them, laughing at them or enjoying them. My brother sang that Rihanna song "yellow diamonds in the sky" or some shit, I really don't know lol, but he had been singing that song every single day and when it came on the TV, he was very happy.

A few songs from what I remember:

Fast forward a few hours...


Everyone seemed to gather in the kitchen all at once, I have no idea why it happened but it just did. Chaossss! There was no space to move lol.

Tiana in her new dress :)


We had breakfast on the balcony under the gazebo. We cut the traditional New Year's Greek cake, the vassilopita. Tiana got the coin :)

Everyone relaxed, we didn't go to the beach today because it was VERY WINDY  and very busy but as you can clearly see, HOT. True Ballito fashion. Rain on New Year's Eve, irritate everyone then burn us the next day, lol.

I played around with Tina's camera. The lense was so dirty from the humidity that when I tried to get a macro shot of the table cloth, I ended up with the first photo below. Quite funny!


We chilled on the balcony and saw this helicopter-pulled advert. It was really cool!

Tiana had been asking every night to go crab hunting again but it always started to drizzle in the evening. Tonight we were going to make a bonfire and have marshmallows but everyone was so tired from the celebrations that we ended up not going :( and tomorrow they leave :(

To make up for it, my mom, brother and Mario played cards with Tiana and Kreton. Alessia was watching 90210 on her laptop (lol). I was busy playing with Tina's camera (I so badly want to use mine but I don't have lense protectors :( so I don't want to use it)...

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