Saturday, December 17, 2011

Water Marbling Fun and Mess

I've never tried this method of painting nails before but I absolutely HAD to give it a go. I'd painted my nails a pink (I can't recall the name right now!) and I wanted to do a pretty design on them but I didn't get a chance to. Throughout the whole week I'd been washing dishes and doing all sorts of random tidbits around the house that my nails were tatty! So I thought, why not give water marbling a go and see what happens...

I'd initially tried on one of my other nails, but it messed up. In my haste to try again, I didn't put tape around my finger and my finger ended up looking very colourful haha! I cleaned some of the mess before I took a photo...

You can see a hint of pink under the black polish.


I decided to try different polishes to see which spread nicely and which worked the best.

I used so many different polishes, when I get a chance I will add the names if anyone would like to know them :)

The lovely mess that I created for myself...

I'll definitely give this another go though. It was very easy to do once I got the polishes spreading. The toughest part was finding polishes that would spread... It was so hot that after some time the polishes that were spreading actually stopped spreading and I felt the water and it felt hotter than when I started! I poured some out and added a bit of cold water in and tried again and the polishes spread better so I need to find that perfect temperature for the water for this to work.

I also used vaseline instead of tape for the last three fingers that I worked with and it worked really well! You just need to make sure not to get vaseline on the nail of course. It rubs off easily and is quite easy to apply. I worked with the tape for the thumb that I messed up and one of the other fingers I messed up but the tape worked really well to protect the skin.

I am wondering if the shot glass I used is perhaps too small for this to work properly... I don't know! I'll try with a bigger glass next time, also so that I can dip in several fingers at once.

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