Monday, December 26, 2011

Day One : Ballito (Dec 2011 - Jan 2012)

[Note: I've updated this post to reflect my new watermark on my photos.]

06:00... Waking up, nice and early. Sorting out the final things for the six-hour drive. Scrambling into the car with my excessive hand luggage (hey, I needed to take all of it, ABSOLUTELY HAD TO!). Gerry letting off "poison bombs" for the bugs. Off we embark... To fetch the step grandparents and drop off the keys at brother's Godfather.

07:30 marks the beginning of our drive. Our long drive.

We met up with Tina and Mike, and the kids after the first toll gate.

At our second stop, Mario discovers that he didn't pack any shoes. I gave him the nickname "Shoeless". I went to take him out of the car for a piggy-back ride but he didn't want to so halfway through the garage he jumps off my back and walks around IN HIS SOCKS. He thought Tina had packed his shoes LOL.


Alessia filming shoeless.
We also went to the sweet shop at this stop and I found these:

Nom nom nom.
I didn't get any though lol!


What the back back of the car looked like where my brother and I sat.
There were six of us in the car and Tasso and I sat right at the back. It was quite chilled, we had lots of space to put my excessive hand luggage and the luggage also made a good pillow! So not all sanity was lost there.

Nearly seven hours later, we arrive in Ballito! FTASAMEEEEE!!!! I actually hardly felt the humidity or anything that usually accompanies opening the window and being graced with the coast's air.

Fat Zo's
In 2005 when we stayed around this area, we got food from Fat Zo's. It was SO OILY. I can't believe this place is still open LOL.

Upon arriving at our apartment (we stayed here, Skiathos 8), Alessia drops Marie Biscuits on the floor. Yes, apartment, now you know that we are here.

The apartment is really big! There are four bedrooms (our room is more like a sauna but never mind that right now). There's two lounges, one is more of a sunroom though. There's also NO SIGNAL. AWESOME. A repeat of LAST YEAR :(

The lounge.
The main bedroom.
The dining area.
The kitchen.
The step grandparents' room.
The not-on-suite bathroom. Both bathrooms had showers, thank goodness!
The other room with a double bed.
View from the kitchen out.
My mom and step dad have the main bedroom for these first six days and then they will change with Tina and Mike to the other room with the double bed on the 1st of January. The other bedroom doesn't have much light, they need to leave a lamp on all the time :/

This was the gem we found in our room (I know these photos were taken later on but they had to be placed here lol). The cupboard was meant to be locked and inaccessible. It was locked BUT it was totally accessible... Whoever sorted this room out locked the door before closing it. Smart smart.

The View!


Left to Right:
Mom's, Brother's, Step Dad's, mine, Mario's, Alessia's.
BlackBerry GALORE. The BlackBerry family. LOL.We also had an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy in the mix.

This was funny... I have no idea where these goodies were found because I didn't see them when we got into the place. Anyway, there is a frisbee and something else from the agency. Tasso and Mario decide to go out onto the balcony to play frisbee. In the wind. I told them not to, and if they wanted to play they should go onto the beach. Did they listen? NO.

So they go ahead and play frisbee while Alessia was filming them. The wind swept the frisbee onto the neighbours' umbrella and then it fell. I laughed SO HARD.

Giagia Filitsa tried to catch the attention of the people but Mario fought her off and pushed her onto a couch! He was shy... I grabbed him and let Giagia Filitsa go speak to the neighbours. They eventually heard her calling them (the wind was blowing her voice away) and they threw it back to us... But it flew DOWN onto a walkway at ground level between the building. So we had to go fetch it.

We went on our adventure to find the frisbee and to find how to get onto the beach. The key ring that the agency gave us had about 15 keys... And we weren't sure how to get to the beach. We got the frisbee and saw that there were gates that seemed to lead to a pathway that went down and none of the keys worked :/

We started to make noise in the parking lot and stuff... When we were walking up, there was a man going up too so I asked him how to get to the beach and he explained that we had to walk out of the premises and turn right... I was NOT happy about that lol walking out of the premises but we had to do what we had to do. So off we went.

We needed the control for the gate so we sent the boys to get it. They returned and the control wouldn't work. Then when it worked, the gate didn't want to close. Then randomly it started to close :/

So we ran out and I turned right... INTO DUSTBIN BAGS. It smelled SO BAD and kjsghjksdhkjg is all I can say lol. We had torches so I shone them so the others don't run into the bags. As we descended downwards, some idiot guidos shouted "BEWARE OF GHOST MAN" to us -_-

It was past sunset (hence the torches) and it was quite creepy to go onto the beach that late but it was fun anyway! I had my feet wet in the water. We went back because it was a bit dodge and went to the pool.

All in all, it was quite a busy day! Then came time to unpack... Bore! Alessia used a cupboard in the grandparents' room, Tasso decided to lived out his bag and I have no idea where Mario put his clothes. There was NO WAY all our stuff would've fitted in that double cupboard, all my stuff fitted (spread out lol) and at most we could've squeezed three people's things into there... Annoying!

My cupboard. Yes, I took textbooks with me. I plan to read a bit if possible.
We had a huge debate/fight over what to do about sleeping arrangements, but we came to the conclusion at the end that Alessia and I would sleep at the bottom of the bunk bed (it was a double bed) and the two boys at the top. The two boys INSISTED that they sleep together even though we told them that they will get too hot but that's their problem :)

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