Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Small Update and Green Shiny Mani

Exams have been insane so far! Though I thought a small update would be nice for my lovely readers :)

I've so far written five of my seven exams. My last two are next week Monday and Wednesday and then I am done! There are so many things that I want to do during the holidays, some which I can't reveal just yet, but I will definitely blog about everything in due course.

Though, with my update I bring you a shiny green mani that I did after my exam on Monday. My mom got me some new shiny polishes and I've been itching to try them. This green is lovely and I like it that you can see the lines from the brush strokes, makes it pretty and interesting! It's called "Magic Green" by Passion.

Taking the photos outside was really nice, I got to breath some fresh air and see some sun before hitting the books again!

Wish me luck for these last two exams!

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