Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sheep Birthday Card

I am attending a 21st tonight, and I thought to make a card for the birthday boy in honour of an inside joke we share (which I shan't be posting LOL).

Anyway, so the theme for my card was a sheep. I got all my supplies and eagerly went on my way to create this card. Once I'd bent the pipe cleaner into the shape of a sheep's body, I got the glue ready. When I opened it, the glue decided to greet me with a nice big eruption all over my hand, the pipe cleaner and the paper that was thankfully still in front of me.

This took a while to get off...

I was quite annoyed because the pipe cleaner got messy :( but I didn't let it stop me and I decided to make use of the glue that fell and use my fingers as a brush to put that glue on the pipe cleaner. It took longer than expected so by the time I'd finished scraping up the glue from the paper, the glue on the pipe cleaner had dried, so I ended up using more glue from the tube anyway! Though the dried glue acted as a nice base on the pipe cleaner anyway, so it wasn't all bad. Taking the glue off my hand was a mission and a half, and it ruined my base coat of polish so I am almost sure that I won't be able to do my nails in time for the party :(

The pipe cleaner moved when I was pressing it down so it kinda messed :( but there was nothing I could do about it at that point so I just left it. Sheep has swag, it shines :)

I used some of my special card making stuff to make the hat and tippex for the feet. The eyes are "paste on eyes" as the box describes... Here's the finished product:

Without the flash.

With the flash.

I hope my friend has an amazing party tonight! :)

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