Monday, November 21, 2011

Mau5 Nail

I got bored yesterday and while listening to some music and forever refreshing the Deadmau5 official tour page on Facebook, I got an idea: try making a mau5 head on my plain nail! I stalked the interwebz to try find a tutorial to explain how to do this but I didn't find anything... I did, however, find this: Mary Loves Nail Art: Deadmau5 Nails, which I used as an inspiration.


What makes it even better is that I know I can do this, so I'll have an awesome set of nails for the Deadmau5 concert on the 3rd of December! SO EXCITED! I'll be doing a similar mani to the one Mary has done (my fellow Deadmau5 fan friend suggested I do those colours without seeing the original mani, only mine).

I didn't put a top coat on because it was taking too long to dry and I had to clean my entire desk and redo the wires under my desk so my nails took a beating as I guessed they would. Though it is alright because I'll be redoing them on Thursday or Friday in preparation for the 21st I am attending on Saturday.

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