Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half Moon Manicure and Falling Up Stairs

On Sunday, I came across this post (rebecca likes nails - 31 Day Challenge: Day 18). I instantly decided that I should have a go at this and at 22:00 I started my quest to make my nails like this!

It was my first attempt at this design (I've done a French manicure before with the help of the nail sticker guidelines, but for some reason this just felt totally different!). I took about an hour and a half to paint them (grr slow drying polish) and the rest of the time I spent waiting for them to dry! I ended up using the hair dryer at 00:15 :P

Overall, I was really impressed with how they turned out, even though the moons weren't all the same size and what not. On the weekend, I want to get some fast drying polishes and nail goodies and try out some more designs from the different nail blogs I've found :)

I took photos after I had finished everything but since I had polish on my fingers/skin, I decided that I'd take more as I cleaned it off... Here are the best photos of the lot that I've taken over the last three days:

Yesterday morning! I took this before I left for University. There was still some polish left on my finger tips as I hadn't had a chance to properly clean the polish off.

Last night, I took this under my lamp.

Today! I took this while sitting outside.


So there you go :)

Now, for the falling up the stairs part... I got to University at around 07:50 which left me with just ten minutes to get to class. Now. That is a problem as the parking is far from the class I had to get to. It normally takes me 13 minutes to get to that class. I was pacing it and walking REALLY quick.

I started to walk up a flight of stairs that connects to a bridge. It was also outdoors. Not sure if that part is relevant but I felt that I had to disclose that fact. ANYWAY. My mind is thinking about the possibility of me falling on the stairs and the next thing I know, I am falling. I had my phone and my iPod in my left hand and I was holding the strap of my lunchbox in my right so as I fell, my instinct was to let my hands cushion my fall. Which they did, very nicely... Except now I have a small graze on my left pinky knuckle because I fell with my left hand almost punching the floor as I didn't want to damage my phone and iPod. My right hand, I fell on my palm, and I am unharmed on that side.

It all happened so quick and I just got up and continued to walk and some people laughed at me which wasn't cool but I probably made their day haha :) so that makes me feel better about randomly falling UP the stairs.

I was also on time for the class, go me!

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