Sunday, August 21, 2011

Programming - Lab 8

Every now and then I run into a huge programmer's block where I actually am so stuck that I don't know what to do (hence me typing this post right now). Though today my programmer's block has been induced by something else...

The solution to my problem is probably very simple but since I feel like throwing up right now, I don't feel like reading through my notes, the Java API and whatever Google has to bring me.

I am still very sore from my operation :( and a lot of people keep saying "oh but your cut is so small, how can you be so sore?"...

  1. Everyone heals at their OWN pace. For you, this cut may be teeny tiny and not hurt at all but to ME, it hurts A LOT. I think of myself as a slow healer as everytime I get cut or hurt in any way, I take longer to heal than what I guess other people do.
  2. Don't compare my operation to a C-Section or any other operation that is not the removal of an appendix. Sorry. Compare apples with apples, not apples with puppies or trees or even pears. It just doesn't work.
I've ended up feeling a bit awful about myself, as if I am some useless person (when I know I am not), but what does one expect when comments like that are dished out often and also sometimes with hurtful comments.

I want to finish my lab work so I can try get working on the one question for the project, also study, and somehow organise myself for Economics and stuff.

Too many things to do with such little time and the fact that I am stuck on this lab program upsets me a lot because I want to finish it and get moving with everything else.


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