Sunday, July 31, 2011


On the 18th of July, I decided to try adapting a recipe (which I will add here as soon as I can) to make cupcakes that I could enjoy along with everyone else.

They came out alright! I was pleased with them as it was my very first try at making cupcakes :)

Before icing.

After icing.

Close up.

Comments: The texture was very hard and crumbly, they sort of clamped up and after a few days were very difficult to eat without making a huge mess :( The paper also stuck to them when I tried to remove the paper cases to eat the cupcakes :(

My icing skills are also not on expert level yet :P hence why there was a lot of icing pretty much all over the show haha I tried my best though!

They went all weird by the time the weekend came :( but I shall try making these ones again with the proper recipe for everyone else :) and find a cupcake recipe that suits my needs.

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